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Commercial Services

At Office Cleaning Houston our cleaning staff work from a check list that can be tweaked to meet your specific needs. As we are local to the Houston market, we maintain the same cleaning crew at your facility, no swapping crews and constant retraining required. If any cleaning service issues arise, our customer service on it! You call or email, we respond within 24 hours, no recording loops, only live customer service from Houston. From floor maintenance to ceiling cobwebs, we have you covered!

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning, We Serve 

Cleaning of various properties including shops, restaurants, gyms, corporate offices, production halls, malls/clubs, kindergartens, cinemas, places of worship, etc. We hire a professional office called commercial cleaning services.

They know what they are doing, not the whole place. They understand what it takes to present the entire environment to all the potential customers who walk through your doors every day. Backed by years of experience and a team of experts, they can help remove all germs, dirt and stains without light.

Even in the same area, no two places can be cleaned in the same way. These doctors understand a lot about everything that needs to be cleared up and work diligently to give you the light you need.
Commercial cleaning is different, so in some cases commercial cleaning is targeted at specific businesses (such as hotels). some types of commercial cleaning services:
Hotel housekeeping :–This cleaning service enables regular maintenance of hotels, corridors and other facilities that are difficult to sell. It is important that the rooms are professionally cleaned, because many types of seeds accumulate in these places.

Office cleaning :–This role maintains clean and tidy areas to increase work productivity.
Medical facility cleaning :–This type of cleaning service is important because medical facilities are high-traffic areas that are exposed to a lot of germs and bacteria. Special attention should be paid to medical equipment, chemicals and patient rooms.
Sports and leisure cleaning :–this includes the renovation of equipment, various business premises and swimming pools that must meet strict hygiene criteria.
Ventilation cleaning :—This service protects ventilation openings and exhaust units so that dust and soil become a health hazard over time.
Window cleaning :–This makes buildings look professional inside and out and good visibility for employees.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services :

In light of recent events, above all, keeping your commercial building safe should be a top priority. And that won’t be a problem at all if you have a reputable commercial cleaning service company to help you out. It keeps the business running and keeps Commercial Building completely germ-free and sanitized.

Our specialists of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston do more than just remove dirt and provide a floor makeover. When you work with our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston, you get a quality deep cleaning service that covers every corner of your facility. And not only on the surface of the world; “clean” is the kind that keeps your commercial spaces pathogenic bacteria free.

Increases Employee Productivity :—The research results show that improving and maintaining cleanliness the office environment is important for achieving maximum employee productivity. Sometimes the floor is dusty, the walls and roofs are not cleaned and the whole work atmosphere is going to spoil. The only way to change that is to hire our professional Commercial Cleaning Services Houston that meet your business needs in a timely manner.

Prevents Spread of Disease & Frequent Sick Leaves :—Absence from work due to health problems among employees can be reduced by promoting overall health in the workplace. Bacteria and diseases can spread through high contact surfaces such as shoulders, desks, keyboards etc. If these areas are not cleaned and sanitized regularly, there is a possibility that diseases can easily spread among workers and thus affect their health and care .Our Specialists of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston take care to clean and sanitize the same.

Safer and Healthier Workplace :—A workshop that focuses on cleanliness and craftsmanship creates a safe environment for everyone in the facility. and eliminate the possibility of spreading disease and illness, especially in this pandemic period. Our specialist of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston make sure your workshop clean.

Clean and Professional-Looking Office :—The cleanliness and environment status tells you a lot about the company, the goodwill and the value of the company’s employees. If your facility is regularly cleaned and disinfected with the help of our professional commercial cleaning services Houston, the look of of your office will be good

Better & Higher Quality than Regular Cleaning :—Every business facility has its own cleaning service that cleans the office every day. You know the procedure; Sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, flush the toilet, etc. But do you know that’s not enough? Your work needs more support; every time it needs to be cleaned and disassembled. It can eliminate disease bacteria and kill germs that are invisible to the naked eye, in other words, in addition to a daily cleaning service, you should consider regular appointments for quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services In Houston:

As a dedicated and experienced Commercial Cleaning Services Houston we are happy to handle any commercial cleaning job you may need. From daily work, to emergency cleaning to custom commercial cleaning as well as all other aspects necessary for soft services and support for your business. Our Commercial Cleaning services Houston team has many years of experience are well trained and familiar with all the practices and procedures assigned to the different types of clients we serve.

In each of this Commercial Cleaning service there are different options that can be tailored to your specific purpose or need and can be added to your plan. Our expert Commercial Cleaning Services Houston team leaves no work uncompleted. Our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston team is very proud of all the projects and we are very passionate and we don’t stop until the job is done!

After many years in business, our specialists of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston have seen many aspects of cleaning work and know how to make work more efficient, effective and profitable. The specialists of our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston know that every customer has unique needs and concerns for certain businesses. We take the time to discuss these options with you to fully meet your needs.

Step of Commercial Cleaning Service

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston team makes the cleaning easy. Especially when it comes to the commercial cleaning process. But this can only be done with proper planning and timely implementation. Paying attention to the details, you can count on commercial cleaning services.

Our experts of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston have the perfect solution to get you started in the right direction. All it takes is your dedicated effort and 7 simple steps. No matter how complex your internal structure is, this framework can at least help the commercial cleaners lay right guidance from the beginning.

Step 1: Dispose of Trash:—Bins and garbage cans are emptied by our specialist of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston. Then clean the inside of the trash with a sanitary agent. Finally, replace the bag with a new garbage bag.

Step 2: Dusting at a higher level first :—Our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston clean everything above shoulder level clockwise or counter clockwise. This also makes the moisture removal process much more manageable, such as the foundation punching mentioned earlier.

Step 3: Damp wipe:—The experts of our our Commercial Cleaning Services Houston use a damp cloth mixed with a neutral disinfectant on all high contact surfaces except glass surfaces. Common high-touch surfaces in offices include light switches, telephones, doorknobs and desks. This step is very important because of the danger of introducing bacteria to these surfaces. You can find more information about common areas where bacteria accumulate here.

Step 4: Restock items and products:-— After cleaning the contact surface, the next step requires essential item placement. Especially in bathrooms, products such as toilet paper, paper towels, soaps that help in daily cleaning should be replaced for two purposes. One feature is that publicly available cleaning products help reduce the spread of bacteria and other infections. The second, of course, is the maintenance of social norms.

Step 5: Clean or dust mop the floor level:—Our team of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston move on to lower areas, including the floor. This step involves using a dust cloth or “dry” cloth to collect only the dust to facilitate the next step. Bulky objects and obstacles must be moved; All corners must be left with incomprehensible soil, which is also a health hazard.

Step 6: Inspect the overall area for any missed steps :—Before moving on to the final step, it’s a good idea to walk around the property to see if there is any room for more cleanliness or if anything is broken/out of order. Our team of Commercial Cleaning Services Houston should not repair damaged items. However, the damage must be reported to the owner. If damage is detected earlier at this stage, do not interfere with the wet scrubbing process, which may cause additional cleaning time when soil is reduced on the surface.

Step 7: Damp-mop any wettable floor surface:—The final step in cleaning a room involves a wet scrubbing process, which gives the floor a finished finish that can easily be damaged. Detergent bucket filled with neutral or diluted detergent. Dry the edge of the property as much as possible, following the centre by pushing it into the centre of the eight three-line stars to reduce the likelihood of the area getting wet. That way, you’ll just let the air dry.