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Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services | Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Make the Right Impression with Our Janitorial Services

To run uninterrupted business operation Office Cleaning Houston offers Janitorial Services. Our janitorial services include dust cleaning, windows washing, removal of waste, kitchen, reception, lobby and restroom cleaning. floor surface cleaning, restocking maintenance, sanitization cleaning services. We offer all the janitorial cleaning service daily, weekly or monthly basis. We hire experts, professionals and skilled personnel who can provide highest standard cleaning services in every clean at your places. Our janitorial cleaning service team uses advanced technology with a view to highest productive approach and minimal disruption of workflow and operation. Our inspectors inspect every janitorial services to maintain the standard.

Superior Janitorial Cleaning Service | Custom Janitorial Service

Office Cleaning Houston is nationwide professional cleaning service provider rendering janitorial services with high efficiency. Office cleaning Houston is based in Houston, Texas but our janitors render the janitorial service across the country.  Cleanliness is at-most important for your employees in the business. Cleanliness provides healthy environment and thus success of your business. Dirty office place is not also inspire your clients. Before taking the janitorial services our expert team make a plan as per the requirement and we serve the customs janitorial services as per the industry. We have already served for a long list of industries and fulfilled different needs. Our janitorial services team work on problematic areas and even we reach the areas you have not thought before. Our dedicated team have the efficiency to create a positive environment with high quality janitorial services.

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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Houston provide commercial janitorial cleaning services to meet the clients’ needs. Our janitors always give the importance of your emergency needs. Our janitors can perform various task from cleaning to restocking kitchen, washroom. Our janitors are fully experienced and skilled to work confidently and make safe your workplace. Our janitors support your commercial places as many times as you want. Spraying chemicals can wipe down the windows and counter but only increases the amount of time and also create adverse effect on the health whereas our janitorial services team use microfiber towels which work efficiently and use less chemicals. Not only that we also use equipment that gives great care and save customers’ money by reducing the time of cleaning services. Our janitorial services include the following:

  1. Our janitors clean and set up your meeting rooms, reception area, houses.
  2. Our janitorial services team provide high quality vacuum cleaning of carpets.
  3. We remove and recycle wastes.
  4. Our janitors clean, maintain and sanitize washroom.
  5. Our janitorial services include restocking toilet papers, towels in washroom and other consumable items like coffee, tea etc.
  6. Our janitors support all types of commercial places, office, house.
  7. Our janitors provide the janitorial services  through out the day.
  8. our janitors deal emergency services
  9. We conduct inspection for all janitorial services that we have provided. We do fair and honest inspection report for every clean.

Key Factors Hiring Right Commercial Janitorial Service

There are many factors that should be considered before selecting a commercial janitorial cleaning company.

  1. Reputation in the Market: Commercial janitorial cleaning is labor intensive job even though they use sophisticated commercial cleaning equipment. Most of the customers seeking low cost janitorial services from commercial cleaning company.  Before selecting a commercial janitorial company you should consider market reputation from local area, word of mouth, references, testimonials etc. The quality of the janitorial services can be checked from the cleaning company’s reputation in the market.
  2. Accurate and Transparent Pricing: Quoting accurate pricing of janitorial services with transparency is important. The prices of janitorial cleaning services depends on:  i)Facility type: For example warehouse, industrial, retail, office, hospital etc. ii) Finishing: Different types of floor require different finishing and the prices will vary. iii) Client’s Expectation & Budget: The clients expect the exact services at accurate price. The price should not include any hidden chares.  iv) Manage Consumable Products: Our janitorial services include the managing cost of consumable products like soap, towels, toilet papers etc. v) Frequency of Janitorial Service: You might require janitorial cleaning service on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our janitorial services team can give the advice how often you need the cleaning service.
  3. Safety and Health: The risk of transmitting diseases expanding day by day at this time of COVID-19. It is almost important to eliminate the risk of  transmitting diseases and establish the safety inside the work place.
  4. Professionalism: The janitors should be trained enough, skilled and experienced. The quality of janitorial services depends on the skill of janitorial services team.  The professionalism also reflects on the uniform, punctuality, services and all other aspects that our team of janitorial service possess. The team’s professionalism is the combination of mechanical and chemical uses.

Commitment: Office Cleaning Houston is committed to provide best cleaning services at your place. With a view to provide the best service we offer Green Cleaning service by reducing the use of harsh chemicals. Green cleaning indicates use of cleaning equipment conform the standard of environmental policy . The standard describes about noise level and filtration technology.  Green cleaning also reflects the use of chemicals and disinfects which are approved as environment friendly.  We use reusable microfiber and the janitors are fully trained under the awareness program of Green Cleaning Technology.